The Yemen Trilogy
The Yemen Trilogy

    The Yemen Trilogy


      The Trilogy Box includes three 4oz bags featuring coffee from Al-Khanshali I and III. Grown at staggering heights, these varieties are molded by the challenging terrain, offering you various flavor profiles brilliantly layered with brimming sweetness and bright fruit notes. 

      Al-Khanshali I is the flagship farm of Al-Khanshali Estates. While our partner estates undoubtedly produce exceptional coffees, Al-Khanshali I is the only estate that we have complete control over each step in the production. Located in West Haraz, it's both accessible and desirable for its unique microclimate and extreme high elevation. Our future plans for this flagship farm include an onsite coffee lab, a complete processing facility and an onsite mill. This farm gives us an unprecedented opportunity for experimental processing techniques, genetic R&D and so much more. We couldn't be more excited for this project to take shape.

      Al-Khanshali III, located in West Haraz, is both unique and excellent for a number of reasons. First, the Haraz region—of all the coffee producing regions in Yemen—has easily the most experience producing high quality, traceable coffee. Our work would have never been possible if it weren't for the vision and dedication of Bohra communities of Eastern Haraz who built mills, collection centers, and many other vital coffee infrastructure before anyone. 

      For international orders, Port of Mokha is not liable for custom fees. Please see our shipping policy for more details. 


      Customer Reviews

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      john bradley
      This is excellent

      Excellent as always but I am asking you to bring back your relief blend for those of us that like to drink your coffee daily

      Mustang Beam
      Excellent, fresh, healthy coffee

      I'm going to be a regular customer now.  This coffee is as fresh as it gets.  My coffee was roasted July 29th and I got it the following week and I brewed my first pot.  It has the country Yemen's love and care poured into it that was carried all the way to the Port of Mokha.

      Michellene Parker
      Delicious Coffee

      The best coffee I have ever had with the most compelling story. Wish I had 10x the money, I would drink it exclusively.

      Looking forward to more releases.

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      Experience the story of how Mokhtar escaped Yemen by boat to introduce his coffee to the world.