V 60

The V60 is essentially the golden child of the speciality coffee movement. It helped popularize the art of making cafe-quality coffee at home. With the V60, it pays to move slowly. Don’t worry, you’ll still have an incredible cup of coffee ready to enjoy in just about three minutes.


• Hario V60 Brewer

• Hario unbleached filter

• Grinder

• 21 grams of coffee, roughly four tablespoons

• Hot water - about 205°F

• Kitchen or coffee scale

• Timer


We’ll be making two cups of coffee with about 21 grams of coffee beans. When you’re making coffee using a V60, try to keep a 1:15 coffee to water ratio for a nice, balanced cup.

First, grind your coffee until it’s coarse, roughly the consistency of sea salt or kosher salt. 

Next, place your filter in the V60 and wet the filter. Pour out the remaining water from the decanter before getting started with your brew. 

The First Pour

For your first pour — less is more. On this first pour, we want to add just enough water to wet the grounds and let the coffee bloom. A handy bloom rule here is to double it. Meaning, the amount of water you pour to bloom your coffee will always be double the weight of the coffee itself.

Start your timer and get ready for your first pour. 

Pour 42 grams of water over your coffee in a spiral motion, starting from the middle of the V60 and moving outward. 

Wait 30 seconds. 

The Second Pour

For our second pour, we’re going to pour an additional 90 grams of water over the coffee grounds in a spiral motion.

Pour water until your scale reads about 130 grams.

Wait about a minute until your timer reads 1 minute and 30 seconds. 

The Third Pour

We’re almost there. For your third pour, add 100 additional grams of water until your scale reads 230 grams. 

You should be 2 minutes into the process by this step.

The Fourth and Final Pour

For our last pour, add 120 grams of water until your scale reads 350 grams. 

Swirl the coffee in the decanter, serve, and enjoy.