Greetings beautiful friends,

Mokhtar Alkhanshali here writing on behalf of our team at Port of Mokha. I’ve been getting these emails everyday from every company I can think of. I began to think of what they really mean. And what this moment in time really means. And in reflecting, the answer became simple: we are all going through this, everyone, together. During any trying time, we inevitably see an increase in human connection, an increase in our collective sense of our shared experience. And isn’t it interesting that in perhaps the most divisive period of certainly our American lives, we’re also facing this crisis? A crisis that seems to wash away much of those differences, not just in the United States, but all over world? Still, this is an unprecedented and frightening threat that can’t and should not be downplayed. Coffee we hope, is a source of comfort; it certainly is for us.

Those of you who know my story and the story of this company will know that we are not new to adversity. Our hearts go out to anyone who's been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. We want you know that at Port of Mokha, all of our employees are working from home, observing the Shelter-In-Place effective in our six Bay Area Counties. Our production team has cut down fulfillment to one day a week and are observing all precautions necessary to ensure that all packaged goods are totally free from direct human contact. Harvest season just finished in Yemen, and we can’t wait to bring those coffees to you in a few months, hopefully after all of this has passed.

This is a very challenging and uncertain time that demands our most sincere and painstaking effort. But, that said, as our parents, grandparents, and ancestors of every culture and language have said throughout time in one way or another; “this too shall pass.” Be kind to one another, brew some coffee at home, I promise we’ll get through this.

Stay strong,
Mokhtar Alkhanshali

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