The Yemen Trilogy - 3x 4oz boxes
The Yemen Trilogy - 3x 4oz boxes

    The Yemen Trilogy - 3x 4oz boxes


      The Trilogy Box includes three 4oz bags featuring coffee from Al Durrar, Al Wadi, and Al Jabal. This coffee is sourced from small farms sitting thousands of meters above sea level in the cradle of coffee itself — Yemen. Grown at staggering heights, these cultivars are molded by the challenging terrain, offering you various flavor profiles brilliantly layered with brimming sweetness and grounded with rich, earthy notes.  

      Trilogy Box Flavor Profiles

      Al-Durrar – Tropical fruit, mango, and tangerine.

      Al-Wadi – Complex cacao, peach, and honeysuckle.

      Al-Jabal – Cherry, strawberry jam, and plum wine.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 295 reviews
      Lisa P
      Birthday gift

      I purchased this as a birthday gift. The recipient told me they were very pleased with the quality and taste of all 3 blends.

      Sarah C.
      The PERFECT Gift!

      One of my family members loves coffee, so when I heard about Port of Mokha, I had to buy it for them as a gift. They were blown away! They literally said it was the best coffee they ever had, and they drink a lot of coffee :) I'm so happy with this gift and I even picked up some of their other coffee for myself. Great product and great experience. Highly recommend!

      Lisa (
      Great, interesting coffee

      I'm a huge coffee nerd. I live in a metropolitan city with a best-in-class coffee scene, have been to over 500 specialty coffee shops worldwide, visited coffee farms and roasters across the world, and get most of my beans via a subscription service that sends me recently-roasted beans from the best specialty roasters globally.

      This coffee ranks alongside what I usually drink.

      I really liked this coffee, and appreciated that all 3 of the beans were noticeably different, so it really felt like I was getting a unique experience with each (I did a quick chemex cupping of all 3 in quick succession as soon as I received the beans). They're all natural process, but didn't taste overwhelmingly earthy like many natural process coffees do; they were all super easy to drink. I've also tried one of them in my aeropress and really enjoyed it that way, but I'd recommend pourover for the full experience. I'd have to try them again to confirm, but they all tasted approx medium roast.

      The packaging is also top notch. If this is a gift for a coffee lover in your life, it absolutely carries that "wow" factor.

      I was little dismayed at customer service. I messaged asking a question and never got a response, but also it wasn't critically important.

      The only reason I rated this 4 stars is the price, which is quite high for the amount of coffee received. While I understand the context and am more than happy to support the growing coffee industry in Yemen - the fact remains that you can get specialty beans of equal quality & even "uniqueness of taste" for a fraction of this price (ex. anaerobic fermentation coffee, etc). I have no regrets buying this coffee and was really happy to have had this experience, however I don't plan to purchase again due to the high cost (unless of course there's another 'tasting box' like this with a new set of interesting coffees).

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